Channeled by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal

Michael Jackson: 06.26.2009

Kuthumi: Forward to 2012 2006.02

Mary Magdalene: You are not alone 2005.07

Our Father: The disaster in Asia 2005.01.05

Kuthumi: In "the Crypt" Copenhagen 2004.08.09

Mary Magdalene: Help one another! 2004.08.11

The Angel of Death: Death is an illusion 2004.05.25

Buddha: Go for your dreams 2004.05.07

Sanat Kumara: Share the truth with others 2004.04.24

White Buffalo Calf Woman: We are all a part of God 2004.02.24

Kuthumi: Look to God in your hearts 2003.10.29

Sananda: Dear children of the light 2003.10.10

Maria The Divine Mother 2003.06.07
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